In Darkness Of Heavens (Reissued)

by Cemeterial

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This album is remake of our first demo from 2005. All songs have been re-recorded with addition of one song written during that period.

Recorded and mastered at Project Studio INFERNAL RECORDS | Siberia.

Line up:
Raziel - vocals
Lodiz - guitars, drums, synths
Theodor - bass

Cover art by Tanya Pchela



all rights reserved



Cemeterial Tomsk, Russia

Black metal band from Tomsk, Russia. Founded in 2004.

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Track Name: Dawn of new Age
...sometimes they come back...

Throne of Darkness in the midnight Sky
Light of lonely moon, hope dies

Howls of Winds bring withering
It was last night before
The Dawn of new Age
Without Justice more
Darkness spreads Horror, Chaos and Destruction
It`s conclusion, in it`s cold Embrace

Thunder and Storm are grows...
Sky light up with bright, a blaze... was decline...
...Of Empire...
...of Darkness...

From Abyss March Souls of the Deads
To fight together.

Waves from Great Ocean
Rush into the Shore
And life lies down
On the Scaffold of reality

The Great Hit by Master of Darkness kills
The Time of mourning and sorrow now comes...

Throne of Darkness in the midnight Sky
From deeps of Hell evil arise
Track Name: Intro in Eternity
Track Name: Arise God of Darkness
Oh my darkest Lord of Fear and Nightmare
I ask When begins the greatest Battle?
(We are) waiting when begins your power,
Then forever destroy this world

The Great Arise God of Darkness

Waiting moments when you`ll come from Shadow
That show your strength and powerful
From secret dungeons we follow (you)
Then make your will
Infernal Fire's sickness burns everywhere...

The Great Arise God of Darkness
You would march on the Earth
In the gloom of black madness
You set in the Black Throne

We're waiting Master
Show us the path,
And we walk by it
Then make your will

Fall of the Leaves...
It`s only calm before the storm...

When the Satan rises, the world is changes, will fall in darkness. Endless twilight will lie to heavens. Fire of our Lord will brightly burn. Hordes of dark warriors have captivated mounts and valleys. The death was their mother, the pain was their sister. Their number becomes - six six six...
Track Name: Triumph of Death
Ravens turn above flaring walls
The Town of an antiquity lays in ruins
Mounts of dirty bodies...
Nobody was rescued

Cemeterial fog has captured all around
The flame to aspire to the sky
The Lucifer has left here for a feast
The darkness and horror have escaped from an abyss today

…from an abyss today...

Demons and Lord of Hell
Bestow death and destructions

The black Goddess
On will of gods
In a vestment of blackness
Alone on roads

Last stronghold of mankind
Lays in ruins of nonexistence
The darkness has condensed in heavens

Black Goddess manages, justice on the Earth,
Not sparing anybody, bringing tormenting death
...bringing death...

Through a black robe her look falls,
Destiny in her hands, justice has come to pass

The flame of a hell burns Mortals
The world burning down leaves in darkness
Torture of them will be endless...

And now you will die!
Track Name: In Immortal Fetters
Lonely snows and ice
Damnation rises!

Under a pall of a winter frost
Cold winds live in my ice heart
Lonely snows and ice of grief
Are spread at a gate of winter

Walls of ice have shrouded me
Rest columns abut heavens of grief
Here there is nothing except for despair
Which has swallowed up me

Under the heavens full of hatred...
Heavenly forces vest with tristesse...

Delight of madness goes in darkness
Light of candles quietly burns
I read ancient books in loneliness,
The grief overflows me

I stand on the steps of eternity
My soul now belongs to darkness
Burning myself in a gloom of insanity
The Past is spreading behind my back
Infinite tortures written to me by destiny
Ashes of last scroll of memoirs has scattered downwind...

In embraces of darkness
I live so many mournful years
All alone in my tomb
I am immortal here forever
In these ice walls of mourning
In immortal fetters
I have chosen for myself this way
Way of eternal life…

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